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Please note: If your journey has already commenced you may be unable to use Manage My Booking

You can now make changes to your booking using the Airnorth Manage My Booking function.

Simply enter your name and booking reference number in the boxes to the left and see what you can change right now.

PLEASE NOTE: Changes can only be made to bookings made on Airnorth (TL935) ticket stock. Bookings made through Qantas cannot be changed through this booking portal.

What Can I Change?

Airnorth’s Manage My Booking enables you to make the following changes to domestic itineraries only

  1. Change your flight date
  2. Update your contact details
  3. Reprint and/or resend your Electronic Ticket Invoice and Itinerary
  4. Place a booking in credit (all fare types)
  5. Apply for a refund on full flexi fares

What Can’t I Change?

The following changes can only be made by contacting Airnorth Reservations on 1800 627 474

  1. International itineraries
  2. Name change
  3. Route change , i.e. changing your travel destination
  4. Multi-sector flight itineraries
  5. Special Requirements bookings
  6. Partially used or bookings held in credit
  7. Changes to bookings containing infants
If you have any questions or require assistance using Manage My Booking please contact Airnorth Reservations on 1800 627 474